Anthony PapaMichael

Anthony PapaMichael was born Oct 10th, 1965  in Astoria, New York.  Located in the “melting pot” of America, he quickly picked up on all styles of music.   Anthony is one of the privileged few to have studied with jazz immortalJoe Pass.  He is also a very technically capable person.  Embracing a stint as co-owner and chief engineer with Libra Digital Recording in NYC, he has worked extensively in the professional studio environment, including working with the famed early digital recording system, the Synclavier.

Anthony’s roster of accomplishments is astounding for someone of his age.  Two Platinum, 6 Gold & 4 Golden Reel Awards for Technical Achievement adorn his mantle.  In addition, he has worked with such luminaries as Usher, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B and Rakim, Barry White, New Kids on The Block, MainSource, Barbara Weathers, Duran Duran, Dru Hill, Color Me Badd, Roxanne Shante, Nikki D, Eddie Palmieri, Keith Sweat, The Tony Rich Project, Kool Moe Dee, M.C. Lite,  Laura Brannigan and many others!  He has also engaged in assignments with such artists as Sting.  Of course it didn’t hurt that he attended the renowned Music & Art High School of NYC !  He has appeared on The Jay Leno Show, The Magic Johnson Show, BET Soundstage and a host of other presentations from coast to coast.

Anthony’s amazing musical talents haven’t gone unnoticed by music manufacturers either!  Currently he is an endorse for Larrivee GuitarsVox and Marshall Amplifiers.  It is also fair to say that Anthony truly believes in the products he endorses, otherwise he wouldn’t do it!

Anthony has a very special and sincere drive to his spirit, that is, he wishes to form something that ultimately creates honest and moral energy.  He craves to pass this energy on as a component of his legacy.  Working with people of all nationalities, Anthony believes that  life is too short to hate…  “No Racism Please” is his rallying cry.  You might become aware of “hints” on the current (and forthcoming CD’s).  His desire is to communicate through his music and to reach out to all manner of people.  A collector of prehistoric items (how many other people do you know that has a extraordinary collection of dinosaur bones:), he is also an outstanding sketch artist in his own right. Check out the inside artwork on his CD’s and the New DVD ( Time To Shine )!  As a teacher, he is also extremely gifted.

If you ask Anthony what he desires people to know about him, he answers immediately, “that I care“.  What can be more heartfelt than that? Well, there is another answer… and that is his passion for music.  All the feelings referred to above are quickly recognizable from the opening strains of the first songs on any of the CD’s  all the way through to the last, leaving you wanting more.

Please don’t neglect this music.  It is at once inspiring, exciting, reflective and perhaps deeply personal, all at the same time. His music is a catalyst that propels you into a voyage thru your own personal consciousness.  Remember his name, if you can’t remember the name, remember his music…

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