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ΗΠΑ: Οι Πυξ Λαξ ξεσηκωσαν χιλιαδες θεατες στη Νεα Υορκη


From Omogeneia ana-mpa : link


Τραγούδια που συνόδεψαν χρόνια καλύτερα, μιας Ελλάδας που ονειρευόταν και που σμίγουν σήμερα τις αγωνίες των απανταχού Ελλήνων για την πορεία της χώρας μας, ερμήνευσαν μπροστά σε χιλιάδες ομογενείς οι Πυξ Λαξ, σε συναυλία που έδωσαν για πρώτη φορά στη Νέα Υόρκη.

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Babis Stokas about Pyx Lax North American Tour and Manos Ksidous!

Fillipos Pliatsikas about the Chicago concert of Pyx Lax!

Proto Thema covers the hang out party of Pyx Lax.



Story covered by Proto Thema ,one of the biggest newspapers in Greece!!!

Pyx Lax say hi!

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National Hellenic Museum partnership with Globe Ent. announced

logo museum

Globe Entertainment is proud to announce its partnership with the National Hellenic Museum of Chicago. We are very happy to be able to contribute to the Museum’s outstanding efforts in educating, informing and showcasing the rich heritage and importance of Hellenism to the world. With great respect, honor and dedication, we are looking forward to a great collaboration. Stay tuned for great things to come!

Proceeds from the Pyx Lax concert in Chicago, on March 9th at the House of Blues, will go to support educational programs at the National Hellenic Museum.

The new tv commercial !

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Pyx Lax documentary in greek tv!


This documentary was presented on greek television right after the success of the OAKA concert in Athens where 80,000 people celebrated the group’s comeback after 10 years!

The documentary splits in 4 parts and its really a unique presentation of Pyx Lax’s history, leading up to the highly succesful and legendary tour this past  summer in Greece,which is going to continue in North America this coming March

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Pyx Lax Facts!


Pyx Lax is a Greek rock band. They originally formed in 1989 and released their first recording in 1990. The group achieved high critical acclaim and commercial success within the Greek music industry throughout their fifteen-year-old active career, which culminated when the band dissolved in 2004.

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