NIGHTRAGE has left its marks in the Scandinavian metal scene and is a force to be reckoned with that stands for quality.Over the years, and releases mastermind Marios Iliopoulos & Co. have discovered a general, persistent sound that brings together the best moments of melodic death and harsh thrash metal with progressive tendencies and reflected guitar work. On their last album “Wearing a Martyr’s Crown” NIGHTRAGE reminded of the overwhelming clout of the “traditional” Gothenburg-style. With “Insidious” the band approach widens again, without restraining acrimony or vehemence. Instead, the quintet changed the context of its challenging playground.

Together with prominent guests such as Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind), Tomas “Tompa” Lindberg (At The Gates/Lock Up/Disfear/ex-NIGHTRAGE), Gus G (Firewind/ex-NIGHTRAGE), Tom S. Englund (Evergrey) and John K (Biomechanical) NIGHTRAGE are celebrating complex metal on “Insidious”, which is staged as aggressive and direct as well as melodic and forward thinking at the same time. Scandinavian metal can be so beautiful if it is based on fresh ideas and is being presented by experienced musicians.

On the third album by the band for LIFEFORCE RECORDS the conditions are right, and the result is convincing, too. “Insidious” stands for passion and unconditional internalization of Scandinavian metal sounds between Death, Thrash and Prog metal. With “Insidious” NIGHTRAGE underline its relevance to the metal scene once again, and delivers a new reference record, it has to be talked about!

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